Claim NFT card on Heco chain Guide

Step 1: Choose Heco and Unlock Go to website, then unlock wallet

Step 2: Choose March Click “Battle Ground” and choose “MARCH”

Step 3: Choose "battle area" Then an optional interface "battle area" will appear. Choose any "battle area" and "Seclect"

Step 4: Claim NFT card After step 3, the overview interface of that "battle area" appears

Click “Claim Hero”

The blockchain network will then ask to confirm the transaction. You need to confirm the transaction (fully prepare gas fee)

And in the process of waiting for confirm transactions, the interface will be "Claiming ..."

Result: Once the transaction is completed on the blockchain, you will receive a random NFT card.

So you have finished NFT card claim.

Note: + Different NFTs feature different combat effectiveness. + Claim NFT requires gas fee so you need to prepare a full gas fee.) + Each account only claims 1 single time. + Campaign has a 1000 NFT limit.

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