Equip NFT card on Heco chain Guide

To equip NFT card, you need to have NFT card available, you can check in your NFT card warehouse in the “MY INVENTORY” area.

Step 1: In the Hero Slot area, select "APPROVE"

Request transaction confirmation (full gas fee required)

Step 2: After the transaction is successful, click "EQUIP"

Step 3: Then you select the NFT card you want to equip in this "battle area" and “CONFIRM”

Request transaction confirmation (full gas fee required)

Result: After successful transaction, NFT card is equipped in this battle area

Note: + You can remove the NFT card you are currently equipped with by clicking "Dismount" then confirm the transaction and remove the NFT card successfully. + Each battle area is equipped with only one NFT card. + After removing the NFT card equipment in this "battle area" you can equip it in another "battle area".

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