Guide SOVI Bazaar 2.0- NFT card synthesis Upgrade & Recycle

SOVI Bazaar has been updated to 2.0 on April 19th, with updated NFT extraction, card synthesis upgrades and card recycling functions.

Click on the "Bazaar" market and select "Claim" for NFT card extraction. The market card extraction is divided into HT&SOVI two ways.

In the past, all cards in the battlefield have a probability of being drawn in the market (heroes, samurai, weapons)


1. The old version of the hero card cannot be obtained through market draw;

2. The NFT cards of the current new battlefield can be drawn in the market after the assembly period ends.

"My card" page

1. Click "Bazaar" market-"My Cards" to see all the cards held by the current address.

2. There is a card screening function on the left, which can be quickly screened according to the card type (hero card & samurai card) or card level;

On the right is the card upgrade function and recycling function.

NFT card upgrade

1. Click "Upgrade" to upgrade to enter the NFT card upgrade interface. The card upgrade requires two identical cards to be upgraded. After the card is selected, there will be an aperture around the card as shown in the figure, and then click the "upgrade" below to upgrade the card.

Note: Upgrading cards requires certain points.

NFT card upgrade rules

1. The upgrade requires two identical cards. The upgrade of the samurai card requires that the total HP of the two cards is at least 100%, and the upgrade is not possible if they are not enough;

2. Full blood warrior + 0 blood warrior can be upgraded; (the blood volume just meets the requirement of 100%)

3. When upgrading, as long as the blood volume is higher than 100%, there is a corresponding upgrade discount; (two full blood discounts are the highest)

4. Two warriors with 0 blood cannot be upgraded;

5. The value of the card after the upgrade is fixed;

6. Currently 10%, 20%, 30%, 50%, 80% level hero cards are not involved in the synthesis upgrade.

NFT card upgrade effect & spending rules

-Hero upgrade effect & cost rules

Soldiers upgrade effect & cost rules

Soldiers quality levels 1-6 are: white, green, blue, purple, orange and drak gold

NFT card recycling

1. Click "Recycle" to enter the NFT card recycling interface. For NFT card recycling, you need to select one or more cards, and then click Recycle below.

After the cards that can be recycled are selected, the Honor points gained from recycling will be displayed below.

NFT card recycle rules

1. Both Hero Card and Samurai Card can be recycle;

2. Different bonus levels of hero card points are different in reclaiming points;

3. Samurai card recovery points are determined according to the blood volume, the higher the blood volume, the more points are recovered;

4.0 Blood Warrior Card recycle is not eligible for points.

Exchange market points

Click "Bazaar" market-"Exchange" to redeem Honor points for SOVI.

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