BitKeep wallet collection & mining


Note, please use the latest version of BitKeep App (Android 4.6.7)

Download link:

1. Click the "+" sign on the right side of the wallet homepage, search for "SOVI" and "hSOV2" ( select ECO Token) to add currency.

2. After setting up the wallet, you also need HT in the wallet, enter "Sovi.Finance" in the "DApp" page, and select "Claim" to receive the airdrop.

3. After binding the wallet, click "Claim" to receive it.

4. Back to the "" homepage, select "Staking" to participate in mining, select "hSOV2", and click "Select".

5. Click "Approve"-later click the "+" sign on the right, enter the amount of "hSOV2" and click "Confirm" to start mining.

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