How to receive hSOV2 airdrop and mining

SOVI's initial mining pool will have been launched on the Huobi Ecological Chain "HECO" , and users can mine SOVI through hSOV.
Currently youcan participate through MetaMask , TokenPocket , BitKeep , and you need to set up "HECO" in the wallet
To receive airdrops on "HECO", HT is required in the address, and the number is unlimited. When purchasing HT with Huobi and withdrawing it to the wallet, you need to select "HRC-20" to submit.
MetaMask little fox wallet wallet download address
HSOV airdrop claim address:
1. Click "Claim" to enter the airdrop claim page.
2. Click "Claim" to receive.
3. Click "Confirm" to receive successfully.
4. Select "Add Token"-"Custom Token" in the wallet, and enter the hSOV contract address to add
hSOV contract address: 0x96D4d7EbA4F7962A6355C32B752447Db61232e13
After adding, you can see the received hSOV.
After receiving the airdrop, you can start participating in mining
5. Click "Staking" to enter the mining page.
6. Click "Select"
7. Click "Approve HSOV" to mine, and click the plus sign on the right to pledge mining.
8. Enter the amount of HSOV and click "Confirm" to start mining!
Note, please download and use the latest version of TP (Android 1.1.5, IOS 3.1.2 test flight download)
1. After setting up, make sure there is HT in the wallet, enter "" in the "discovery" page, and bind the wallet.
2. Click "Claim" to receive the airdrop.
Note, please use the latest version of BitKeep App (Android 4.6.7)
Download link:
1. After setting up the wallet, you also need HT in the wallet, enter "Sovi.Finance" in the "DApp" page