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MetaMask wallet collection & mining
MetaMask little fox wallet wallet download address
-HECO collection address (HT is required)
hSOV2 airdrop claim address:
-Ethereum collection address (USDT required)
hSOV2 airdrop claim address:
1. Click "Claim" to enter the airdrop claim page.
2. Click "Claim" to receive.
3. Click "Confirm" to receive successfully.
4. Select "Add Token"-"Custom Token" in the wallet, enter the hSOV2 contract address to add
hSOV2 contract address: 0x8f80ffe983802C230f9a0950CBd654ED04fEf789
After adding it, you can see the received hSOV2.
After receiving the airdrop, you can start participating in mining
5. Click "Staking" to enter the mining page.
6. Select "hSOV2"
7. Click "Approve HSOV2" to mine, and click the plus sign on the right to pledge mining.
8. Enter the amount of hSOV2 and click "Confirm" to start mining!
Last modified 9mo ago
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