Participating wallet and setting method

SOVI's initial mining pool will have been launched on the Huobi Ecological Chain "HECO" , and users can mine SOVI through hSOV2.

Currently you can participate through MetaMask , TokenPocket , BitKeep , and you need to set up "HECO" in the wallet

Setup tutorial link:

Contains 3 wallet setup tutorials

To receive airdrops on "HECO", HT is required in the address, and the number is unlimited.


Note, please download and use the latest version of TP (Android 1.1.5, IOS 3.1.2 test flight download)

Download link:

The steps to set up the wallet are as follows:

1. After downloading the wallet, open and select "I don't have a wallet" to create a wallet-select "Huobi Ecological Chain"-"Create Wallet"

If you have a wallet, you can choose "Import Wallet"

2. After setting the wallet name, password and other information, and remembering the mnemonic, the wallet will be created successfully.

3. After creating the wallet, you need to ensure that there is HT (HRC-20) in the wallet to participate in the airdrop collection and mining activities

Click "Receive"-click "Copy Receiving Address" to for HT withdrawal

When withdrawing HT, Huobi requires at least 10 to withdraw. There is a handling fee when withdrawing. It is recommended to purchase at least 10.5 or 11 when purchasing HT.

4. You need to select "HRC-20" when purchasing HT with Huobi to withdraw to the wallet, otherwise the wallet address cannot be withdrawn.


Note, please use the latest version of BitKeep App (Android 4.6.7)

Download link:

The steps to set up the wallet are as follows:

Click the "+" sign in the upper right corner, select ECO ecological chain and click Add.

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