Collection of hSOV2 and SOVI

Using hSOV2 to participate in mining can extract the invested hSOV2 and the mined SOVI at any time.

Note: Withdrawal may involve HT handling fee

The specific tutorial is as follows:

-Withdraw & deposit in hSOV2

1. Enter, after binding the wallet, click the horizontal bar menu in the upper right corner, select "Staking"-select the hSOV2 pool and click "Select" to enter.

2. If you want to withdraw the pledged hSOV2, click "Unstake" and enter the amount of hSOV2 you want to withdraw,

Click "common.confirm" to extract.

3. If you want to increase hSOV2 for pledge, click the "+" sign on the right, enter the amount of hSOV2 you want to increase, and click "Confirm" to complete the increase.

-Extract SOVI

1. Shown here is the SOVI dug out. Click "Claim" to withdraw. After the withdrawal is successful, you can see the SOVI balance on the wallet homepage.

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