Stake LP token to receive HONOR

HONOR could be used to:

- redeem dividends from battleground ($SOVI bought back from liquidity pool)

- purchase premium NFTs

- upgrade facilities

- entering elite battlegrounds

- membership to enjoy privileges from INO(Initial NFT offering) To earn HONOR, you need to create liquidity on MDEX (SOVI/USDT or SOVI/WHT pair) to receive the corresponding LP Token and LP Token stake. Or stake SOVI.

Step 1: Create liquidity to receive LP Tokens by accessing

Step 2: Then, go back and connect to your Heco wallet. Click "Base" => "Construction Yard".

If you initially created the liquidity folder:


2/ SOVI/WHT, select SOVI-WHT-LP.

3/ If you have SOVI, then select SOVI.

As shown in the photo below, I created the SOVI/USDT pair liquidity, then I chose SOVI/USDT

Step 3: Click "Approve $SOVI-USDT LP" and confirm transaction

Step 5: Click the (+) sign to stake LP Token and receive HONOR.

Enter the number of LP Tokens you want to stake or select MAX to stake all the LP Tokens you have. Done, click "Confirm"

As such, you have completed the steps and will receive HONOR. The right side will display some current data

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