The guide about "LP"&"Single Asset"

The guide about "LP"

At present, SOVI official website provides two liquidity mining pools, namely SOVI-USDT and SOVI-WHT. To make liquidity, you first need to have SOVI

(SOVI Contract Address: 0x49e16563a2ba84e560780946f0fb73a8b32c841e), which can be purchased on MDEX(, if the token cannot be displayed , you can enter the contract address to search.

Now we start with SOVI-USDT as an example.

Step 1: Add SOVI-USDT liquidity on MDEX first

1. Open the MDEX official website:, click on the 【Pool】,then click on 【Add Liquidity】, select SOVI-USDT, enter the corresponding ratio amount, and then respectively【Approve SOVI】and【Approve USDT】, then click 【Supply-Confirm】.

Step 2: Go to SOVI official website to participate in SOVI-USDT pool mining

  1. Open the SOVI official website(Heco):, click 【Base】-select the 【SOVI-USDT LP】 pool-click 【Approve-SOVI-USDT LP】, and connect to the metamask wallet.

2. Click the【+】 sign - click 【Max】 to add all LPs, and click 【Confirm】to successfully participate in the liquidity mining of SOVI-USDT and receive SOVI.

The guide about "Single Asset"

1. Select 【Single Asset】. This time, 4 kinds of tokens can participate in mining: SOVI/WHT/ HUSD/ HPT. After selecting the token to be approved, approve on the right side.

"Single Asset" can use hero cards for bonuses, and it can also be used on the right side.

2. Take " $WHT" as an example, click 【Approve】 when you pledge on the right, and click the plus sign to add the pledge amount

3.Enter the amount of pledge, or click "MAX" to pledge all, and click 【Confirm】 to complete the pledge.

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