Sovi. Finance is a new brand strategy game on the blockchain platform. It is the perfect combination of Defi + Ip Innovation + NFT + Preferred Mining. With a tailor-made open story, each player can orient the owner's story. SOVI.finance will be different from other NFT projects. Because it does not only release a property, it will have the development of the entire game plot. The plot will gradually be developed. SOVI’s instances will also be launched according to the plot, which includes many new characters based on NFT assets with different values, etc. and each premiere will also have a branched storyline. There are two mining groups and players can choose their favorite storyline to participate in.The winning story in the vote becomes the mainstream of the next chapter, and the winning player can get additional rewards such as NFT cards with special effects (it's a high value of course)

Within the game you may:

PLAY THE BANK - participate in mining to provide the monetary circulation

PLAY THE CONQUERER - build up your battle unit even from your army to loot from different battle field

PLAY THE LEADER - advance the technology level of your base and lead your alliance to prosper.

SOVI is as well the only strategy game that have MAJOR SYSTEM: All players are able to gain extra reward from the game by developing more comrades. Unite friends around you and together we form a steel legion. With the MAJOR SYSTEM you may:

Gain extra SOVI token from direct invitation.

Gain extra SOVI token from expanding your network by token transaction.

Gain extra SOVI token from being an example.

What SOVI can offer you in the game?


With no boundaries applied, SOVI is designed to allow all kinds of possibilities for players. Learn the SOVI world, which is formed by smart-contract, figure out your own way of surviving and gaining.


Integrated with yield farming as the monnetary supply, SOVI is designed to allow players to compete with real assets, and win with real valuable assets.


Built on Ethereum, SOVI allows players being able to play with players all over the world, fight against, or build up alliances together, learn from each other, face the world together.


Within SOVI players are free to choose their own way of participating, build massive troops to loot, train heroes to challenge the difficult, build up marines or army to march for different battlefields, rewards are there to earn!

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