How SOVI is Revolutionizing the Gaming Industry represents a revolution in gaming and a new interpretation of how gamers can earn funds and compound their earnings in order to generate recurring income. The implications of SOVI on the entire gaming industry and the emerging decentralized finance (DeFi) movement are huge as gamers and crypto enthusiasts can now engage with two of their greatest passions at the same time in the form of a revolutionary military strategy game.

A new era of dynamic DeFi gaming

Gamers have traditionally been expected to play their favourite games for hours on end with little to no financial compensation. In fact, gaming is actually a significant drain on resources with gamers expected to spend heavily on PCs, gaming consoles, accessories, and even electricity in order to extensively play their favourite games.

The emergence of e-gaming has allowed the world’s best gamers to monetize their skills and generate revenue based on their game playing skills. However, only a select few can become successful e-gamers and this situation leaves the majority of the world’s gamers effectively having to “pay to play” their favourite games with no compensation.

In addition, the development of in-game assets and currencies has brought internal economies to popular games; however, these assets are often non-transferable and have no real utility outside of the game they play. changes all of this by combining gaming with DeFi to create a fully interactive GameFi platform which allows gamers to earn valuable and fully transferable digital assets by simply playing a fun strategy game and taking part in a variety of integrated DeFi activities.

Sustainable next gen gaming

SOVI breaks down barriers and opens up infinite possibilities in terms of next generation gaming by allowing anyone to interact with the platform by using quite modest equipment. There is no need to purchase expensive gaming rigs or create elaborate setups as gamers can use simple laptops and can even use mobile phones to interact with the platform.

In addition, by playing the game and interacting with the platform gamers can earn the native SOVI token as well as take part in staking, mining, and yield farming in order to compound their earnings and generate revenue.

The three core roles of bankers, conquerors, and leaders all take part in activities as simple as creating armies and mobile mining in order to create successful in game strategies that allow gamers to overcome their opponents, conquer the battlefield, and earn SOVI.

The platform also allows gamers to become more sophisticated in both their gameplay and DeFi activities as it provides a comprehensive range of ways to earn and manage digital assets. In addition to mining, staking, and farming gamers can also create and manage unique NFTs (non fungible tokens) and earn hSOV tokens by inviting new gamers to the platform or by accepting an invitation. The hSOV token allows gamers to monetize relationships between users and the token also allows its holders to take part in mining SOVI, thus helping active network participants to earn more SOVI.

Empowering gamers

As a multi-chain platform SOVI further empowers gamers by providing multiple opportunities to earn digital assets, and take part in promotions, incentives, and DeFi activities across multiple chains. SOVI has launched on both the Ethereum network and Huobi’s Heco chain and hSOV/SOV mining pools are already active with more activities and further layer 1chain integrations in the pipeline.

Furthermore, SOVI enables the creation of IP/NFT assets, and brings users a fun and relaxed way of interacting with and accumulating valuable digital assets. This brings users of all experience levels a richer asset interaction experience, and paves the way for future generations of gamers to fully embrace DeFi mechanisms and revenue structures.

SOVI is also a fully open platform that can be accessed by the world’s global community of gamers and crypto enthusiasts and there are no restrictions on who can play and generate earnings. As a result, as a pioneering DeFi strategy game, SOVI will totally revolutionize gaming by allowing all gamers to monetize their activities and earn while they play. The days of spending hours and hours playing games for no financial compensation are over and everybody can become a master gamer and DeFi expert at the same time by joining the revolution and liberating themselves as a member of the SOVI army!

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