The Modern David v.s. Goliath Saga

David v.s. Goliath Campaign

Click the link below to participate:

The Modern “David vs Goliath” Saga, which just happened not long ago : )

With respect to the small with courage being brave to challenge against the old and big, SOVI will launch its first battle ground “The David vs Goliath Campaign”.

The campaign will be launched on HECO blockchain: Start block: 1938500 Lasting for 201600 blocks

There are two major events within the campaign:


There will be in total 7056 SOVI distributed evenly to all armies designated.

Users holding the listed projects HECO token are able to participate within the campaign: SOVI - MDX - BAG - LHB - FILDA - CIR - LAVA -


Every address is eligible to claim one Hero out of four different Heroes, they are:

Heroes are used to be equipped in order to give extra production to your ASSEMBLE & MARCH. Only one Hero may be used for every army, and if you were participating in multiple armies, you will need to get multiple Heroes in order to buff all.

There are in total 1000 Heroes available for claim, every claim have an equal chance of getting 1 from the 4 Heroes, every claim will cause 2HT token expenditure.

User may use the “SEND” function within the Inventory to transfer between each other.

See more here for tutorials of how to claim and equip:

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