Commander's Guidance

Decisive tactics wins!

"Solidity is Strength!", Commander!

Just like real world, within in SOVI you will need great observation skills and tactics to face all variables, but the outcome will definitely worth the effort.

Facilities allows you to decide your route of development

Construction Yard - More efficiency and extra earnings Upgrading this facility allows you to gain extra efficiency and lower cost in many aspects. Moreover, if you were leading the highest "Tech level" group, you will be able to earn certain percentage from other players when they upgrade their construction yard as a leading bonus.

Ore Refinery - More productions Upgrading this facility allows you to mine more SOVI tokens, however, you are only allowed to upgrade this facility until your construction yard has reached certain level.

Barrack - Build higher level units Upgrading this facility allows you to recruit higher level of battle units, which eventually will increase your efficiency in battle fields.

Battle units and battle fields

Two basic attributes for all battle units: Power of consensus (POC) - Measures the gain in the battle field of the unit. Power of belief (POB) - Measures the period that the unit is able to sustain in different battle fields.

Higher leveled units will possess higher attributes, you may level your units by: I. Sending them to battle field to earn EXPs (based on the blocks they survive in the battle field) II. Recruit them from leveled barracks. More battle scenarios with higher rewards will be continuously delivered following the story line develops, but with more difficulties as well, only the most advanced units are able to get the treasure.

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