SOVI Bazaar

With in the Bazaar, you are able to exchange your HONOR earned from Construction Yard into $SOVI, rules are explained below.

HONOR to Dividends ($SOVI):

All received tokens except $SOVI, will be used to buy back $SOVI in the liquidity pool and inject into the dividends pool.

We will announce a new vesting plan after every buy back, users holding HONOR are able to convert HONOR into $SOVI based on a ratio renewed real time, following the equation below:

V = vested $SOVI from dividend pool

R = remaining $SOVI un-redeemed from previous

T = Total $SOVI in the dividend pool


C = Vesting period counts

P = (V + R) / (T/C)

Extra tips:

1. Vesting period is 600 blocks on HECO, meaning there will be more $SOVI available about every 1800 seconds, and the rate will also be renewed.

2. If the dealt price is 5% lower than the expected, the transaction will be failed in order to protect user from unexpected exchange rates. If it was higher, usually happens between vesting period, the transaction will be executed under the new rate, which is always higher than expected.

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