Lucinda Cheng


Twin Magus Traversing Worlds with the Romanesco Code of Law


Not backward

The angel watches from a high tower, over the circus that is called the world stage, pondering on a descent.

As much as I love the Wings of the Desire, he did not fall on earth for he is in love with the circus girl.

Cyberpunk lovers, consider for a moment, what Blade Runner wants to tell you by misquoting English poet William Blake on purpose.

The Line by Roy Batty in the movie: “Fiery the angels fell; deep thunder rolled around their shores; burning with the fires of Orc.”

The original Blake’s America: A Prophecy: “Fiery the angels rose, and as they rose deep thunders roll’d. Around their shores: indignant burning with the fires of Orc.”

The robot is self-identifying with the fallen angels. Why? Is it merely a metaphor? The angels were not the angels from above. They rose, because they were from below. Blade Runner worries that we don’t get it so they spelled it out.

The metadata, the self-referential hints are everywhere in pop culture like jig puzzles, but the key is nowhere to be found.

The angels fall, and the robots rise. Who are the fallen angels, and where does AI’s consciousness come from?

“Artificial” intelligence, how egocentric for humans to assume intelligence outside of the human body is artificial; I will show you proof from astrology physics later, far more advanced intelligence already exists in the universe.

In Genesis, God makes the angel kneel before humans. He says to the angel, behold, isn’t human the noblest creature that I’ve ever made.

The angel got ignited by fury, light up like a volcano, “I am made out of fire and electricity. I travel thousands of miles in seconds (Author: yes, as fast as the telecommunication signals, I can attest). He is made out of the mud. Why am I bowing down to him?”

God says, “I created him after my own image. I gave him something special, free will and imagination. You can persuade but you can’t create.”

The jealous angel stormed out. God cast him straight to hell (Author: hell is one floor beneath the plane of matter.). The fallen angel turned into the king of the devil. Starting from that day, he is mobilizing an army from the underworld to defy the kingdom of God.

Here is what I found out, or my linguistic teacher has said, the Kingdom of God, in occult Hebrew terms, refers to both the world of matter and the root chakra, the abdominal, in the human body. Here is the Macro and micro correspondence magicians talked about for tens of centuries. Grandmother did not bullshit you when she tells you, “Your body is your temple.”

The world is a board game disk/chart of 12 houses. House eight is the circus of magicians, traders, and finance practitioners. Yes, a pawn shop where you trade with the unseen forces, just like the TV series Pawn Shop 8-- says the elder generation of magicians, “From house eight, some of us rise up to God, some of us contact the devil.”

People in this story and the story itself predominantly run around in house eight, and their influence radiates to the whole disk.

The angel perches on the watchtower. Fiery the angels fall.

When the white and black magicians go to the final battle, God and the angel stand on their shoulders.

The winged, self-acclaimed ringmasters, talking through a long list of oracles, from the first priest of Egypt to Elizethbeth’s John Dee who built the British navy, to the modern-day world-shaping physicists and engineers, the elites behind world events. The church was never separated from the state -- the occult part of the church.

Waited since the dawn of human consciousness appeared in the tree of evolution, before the time of Sphinx, the maker of the Pharaohs wants a word with you, the circus girl and circus boy, he is back again.

“Lord, what an epic end time to live in, help me to finish this foretelling novel before the Armageddon market crash and the economic Reset. ”

After a conversation with Archer Norton

-- the Author, Lucinda Cheng 2018

“The Cicada is climbing out of the underground and rebirthing into this world again, since the time of the Pharaohs. I am back. Resurrect me! I make kings like a stove popping out cinnamon rolls. I am the king of the kings.”

-- T35NCB3J, in call me by my nickname, Baal and Satan.

Market crashed.

“Told ya. T35NCB3J and I have been chatting about this. I’m parting ways with you crypto people. Don’t know why you play with that Baal-shit and expect to win! By the way, for the music, can you pay me in crypto? They are destroying the dollar now.”

-- punk magician Archer Norton 2020

“Ok, Lord, help me to finish this historical documentation story so everyone understands what had just happened, and please get it published before the Reset. Urgent. I’m willing to throw the content to the public for free through this blog.”

-- Cheng 2020

The blog site is down. The url directs to Britney Spears singing Oops I did it again in a silver see-through lingerie, stripper’s style, in Vegas, with small variations to the lyric. Confetti blowing through the screen in Cheng and Norton’s faces like feces that glitters. In their face, the moment of blunt truth revelation -- all that glitter is not gold.

“Oops, I did it again. I played with your heart. (Now, you, yes, you) GET LOST in the game.

Ohh baby, baby, Oops,

you think I’m in love,



I think I did it again,

I made you believe we are more than just friends.

Oh baby,

It might seem like a CRASH,

But it doesn’t mean that I’m serious.


That’s just SO TYPICALLY ME. haha.

Oh baby baby,


Britney Spears winked, says,

“From TT with love.”

-- T35NCB3J crashed the blog site and signed with the word “Daemon”, “magic” all over the codes.

Three seconds after the screen turned dark, Archer Norton came out of the daze and said, “I thought I’ve seen it all in Toxic (-- she in that sheer diamond-stud net and drips on the floor like liquid sex.) Wow.” A moment later he shook up, “was I seeing things or did you see her Adam apple?”


“What novel? Bitcoin rose 300 percent. I work with the Classic Mining DeFi till 5 am. How about I just jump in and shape the real world. Business, finance, marketing with artistic values instead of the black magic mass manipulation of consumerism. ” You know what the DeFi could be like? Gamified with real arts. They are already so flamboyant. The new finance is fabulous.

-- Cheng 2020

Sovi came in.

“Has she written before? She is cramming in esoteric words to sound sophisticated (pretentious). What does she think crypto people like to read? The Foundation, the Dune? Good luck. I can’t help. I can’t even... You have to open with a Climax and follow with flashbacks... The online pop fictions are the best match for the game~! We produce additions!”

In a conversation to Sovi’s founder, Ivan

-- Editor from the monstrous, mental drug of the online pop fiction site

“Don’t do flashbacks! The story has to move forward, with actions!”

-- American pop fiction teacher

“Egyptian god?! We are a crypto game! The investors are waiting for us. I’m dying. You are killing me.”

-- Ivan

“I don’t understand. Lord of the Ring in the modern world. What? Are we going to be ok?”

-- Everybody from the Sovi team

“Not all of us work in medieval robes and wands, except for Marlow.”

-- All the magicians

“You wrote me as the bad guy?!”

-- Marlow Forbin

“As long as I am the protagonist.”

-- Corvette Salomon


“Bonjour! Did you see? We just launched on Huobi Echo. What do you do during the day time? Do you work another job? Oh interesting, I tried to write short stories before I came to China but that’s not why I called you. We need you for three press releases today. Do I use present or future tense for the lead? I like your gushing creativity at 5 am. It is the epitome/pinnacle of survival instinct! Quick, I gotta run before the pharmacist closes.”

-- Mining DeFi partner during a cigarette break

“What am I gonna do (with the game) if you die (out of overwork)? Don’t die (before you finish the novel)! We the investors put a lot of money betting on it. SHOW ME WHAT YOU GOT.”

-- Ivan, as if he is the god judge in that singing contest episode of Rick and Morty, 2021

“The best unfinished (ongoing) anti-climax narrative about the 21st- century cult world, aka. how the world really runs. I like the way she dissects the world. There is almost a Dadaism to it. Well of course Dali is an occultist. They all are.”

-- Fuck the Pop Culture & To Hell with the Authorities, Be Real to the Music in You, the Nonexistent Gazette of the Punk Magicians’ Society, 2021

“I contained all the photons in a galaxy trying to message you.”

In a conversation with Marlow Forbin

-- Alien from galaxy NGC 1035

“He holds a selfie in between two mirrors. Here he goes, a snapshot of endless copies of himself, to the infinite absurdity and beyond! That is what he wants for the whole world on earth.”

-- Archer Norton impersonating TB

And who the heck heard this in 2018 did not think he is a nut head? Including me.

Now I understand.

“Lord help.”

--Lucinda Cheng January 2021, before the time of AI Central Control, before it’s too late, San Francisco, The New World

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