Mammon Unleashed


Name:Anna's Scapegoat Type:Soldier Extra Porduction:0 PoC:259 HP:450,000 PoB:3 Introduction:The pugio that killed Julius Caesar (etched on it EID.MAR, the date Romans settle all debts.)


Name:The Veil of the Swarm Type:Soldier Extra Porduction:0 PoC:189 HP:560,000 PoB:3 Introduction:Eris’s veil. Beneath the orderly waggle dance, there is chaos.


Name:Avenger's Sting Type:Soldier Extra Porduction:0 PoC:576 HP:250,000 PoB:2 Introduction:A bee avenges itself with a suicidal sting. Forged with the same curse on the Roman pugio that killed Caesar.


Name:Χάρων Type:Soldier Extra Porduction:0 PoC:91 HP:864,000 PoB:4 Introduction:Charon, First-Frontier Temple’s clergies ferrying time travelers at the border of each stations.


Name:Falcon Type:Soldier Extra Porduction:0 PoC:168 HP:600,000 PoB:3 Introduction:Temple of the First-Frontier’s warrior monks


Name:Eris Type:Hero Extra Porduction:8% PoC:- HP:- PoB:- Introduction:I am chaos. Order, the illusory veil drapes over me


Name:Oliver Type:Hero Extra Porduction:5% PoC:- HP:- PoB:- Introduction:A goblin that knows where the magical treasure hides.

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