All battle ground launches in two phases: Assemble & Battle

Assemble Phase During assemble phase, user may: - Being able to claim cards with discount - Increased possibilities to claim new cards - Choose one of the fork battleground to attend (If there is any)

Assemble the army For every battleground, every users are allow to assemble with: - 1 Hero Card - 5 Battle Units

Battle Phase User may send their assembled army into the battleground during this phase.

Every battleground will last for a certain period. All user who send their army into the battleground will be able to receive SOVI as the trophy.

Gaining & Cost Trophy calculation: Trophy = Battleground Trophy Production * Σ POC(army) / Σ POC(Battleground)

All battle unit card will steadily consume the HP depending on the POW and difficulty of the battleground.

HP Consumption calculation HP Consumed = ( Difficulty of Battleground - POB +1 ) * Block Count within Battleground

Binary Fork Competition Reward During a Binary Fork Competition, fork is judged as the winner when its Time Weighed Average POC(TWAP) is higher. If user participated within the winning fork, his/her Card HP consumption will be reduced to 50% upon the dismount.

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