The Enlightenment of the Prophet

Background: Whether to master power from dream is the gulf between mortals and the dream warriors. Only dream warriors can draw power from dreams and inject it into reality. The first person to discover this power is the prophet Gandhi.

The prophet Gandhi is not the strongest person in the dream warrior group, but he is the most respected spiritual symbol, because he is the first to open the bridge and connection between dreams and reality in the disorderly fluctuating energy field.


Name: Gandhi Type:Hero Introduction: Gandhi wants to create a top that will never stop spinning. In the day and night search, he fell into a boundless dream with no exit. Trekking like an ascetic in the area where fantasy and reality are intertwined, but inadvertently sees the law of the universe, which is the source of dream power. He came back with the power, and it has been years since he woke up.


Name:Space Snake Type:Soldier Introduction:This snake coiled on the path of dreams, and guided Gandhi out of danger when he fell into the desert of dreams, dying. As a messenger of dreams, it has a keen sense of smell. It not only helps those who seek the truth to lead the way, but also gives a deadly fang to those who are hypocritical.


Name:Nafpliotou Type:Soldier Introduction:Nafpliotou is the dream shaper. She will capture and record everyone's dreams and condense them into crystals of different colors to supplement the energy of the dream world. It was she who saw the unique dream energy of the prophet Gandhi and introduced him into the dream world.


Name:Spinning Top Type:Weapon Introduction:A spinning top that never stops spinning is the key to opening the boundary between dreams and reality. Time and space are distorted and form black holes here, and the magic of dreams overflows in the sound of the spinning wind.

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