Guide on PC

Use the MestaMask wallet to connect to the new thing platform

Enter the official website of the new item platform in the browser:, open the MestaMask wallet, check the account to be connected, and click [Next].

- How to buy tokens

After entering the homepage of the new thing platform, click "代币发行", select the token you want to buy, and make payment

Choose the token you want to buy

Enter the quantity you want to buy, the amount due will appear below

Click 确定

You have successfully purchased

The purchased tokens will be displayed in [我的代币]

Here can show the tokens I hold

  • How to sell tokens

Click "我的" in the upper right corner of the homepage of the new thing platform and select "我的代币" to display the tokens held in the wallet

This shows the tokens I hold

Select the token you want to sell, click "出售", enter the order name or title in "销售名称" (please fill in arbitrarily), and enter the price you want to sell in "出售价格" (Note: The price here is in HT To mark the price of a token, that is, how much HT is a token), enter the number of tokens you want to sell in the "出售数量" field, and click "提交委托". After submitting the commission, a very small amount of HT will be used as the handling fee. Click "Confirm" and enter the payment password.

The tokens that are being sold can be viewed in 【我的】--【我的代币】--【买卖中】

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