The world of SOVI

Siphon, Two Magus Travel the World with Romanesco Code of Law is a buddy cop sci-fi-cult fantasy by Lucinda Cheng. White magician and hacker Archer Norton wages a war against the totalitarian society and the god Baal lording over it, only to find out his best friend, billionaire black magician Marlow Forbin was the god’s right hand, a modern-day John Dee.

Archer and Marlow know, the biblical demon king has been shaping the human world into a pyramid structure since the time of Pharaohs, with secrete magician cult societies, finance, and now, tech. While Norton is busy organizing riots and heists, Forbin advanced in his global domination plan with help from the inferno, bringing chaos and reconstructing a cyborg world through his Triatomic physics lab, Twin-F, a tampered crypto fund, and the magic society, Solaris Templar.

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