Battle Unit Card

All battle unit cards possess three fundamental attributes: Power of Consensus: This attribute is to measure the productivity of the unit, the higher the more production the card may produce within battleground. Power of Belief This attribute is to measure the endurance of the unit, the higher the longer the card may survive within battleground. Health Point Most battle units shares the same health point once initially claimed/minted/auctioned, it would be reduced when the unit is participating within battleground, and the unit will not be able be sent to battleground once this attribute is zeroed.

Short introduction to the biography of each battle unit card

  1. Vince LeBar: the young Yale graduate who is ascending the social ladder under Marlow’s care. Manager Director of Twin-F Fund.

2. Michele Sindona: God’s banker. Il Burattinaio’s footman No.1, white glove, laundering 225 million dollars mafia’s money to Rome; Italy has been requesting his extradition from the U.S. Federal Prison to stand trial for murder.

3. Roberto Calvi: God’s banker. Il Burattinaio’s footman No. 2., stealing one billion dollars from the Bank of Italy.

4. Luigi Ronsisvalle: Mafia member, professional hitman. Threatening the life of witness, Nicola Biase in Sindona’s extradition case; also a contractor on the life of assistant United States attorney John Kenny, for just $100,000.

5. Tinker: Archer Norton’s magical weapon for time manipulation. Inspired by the Demon King T35NCB3J’s teaching, “Time flies and passing one’s life in acceleration.” Tinker is the feather on time arrows that change its velocity.

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