Chapter 6 --An Egyptian Vizier’s Lost Magic Diary--- Alas, the damned meteor


There are some holy relics and esoteric books circulating in the world, no matter how people burn them or soak them, they remained intact. Their owners, instead, were owned by them and becoming the transient curators of these magical objects. Ptahhotep’s Magic Diary is one of such artifacts.

The other more famous ones include the Holy Lance, the Pugios that immersed in Caesar’s blood and Anthony’s curse, which now are kept in the Vatican vault.

Even stranger, their transient owners were endowed with wealth and kingship when in possession of these things, but instantly, when they lost the objects, suffered mysterious deaths. These magical objects remain intact, their owners’ bodies became the opposite.

After experiencing rolls of Roman emperors, the Holy Lance has been hidden in Nuremberg. The U.S. Army occupied Nuremberg and the lance fell into the hands of General Patton. Two hours later, news of Hitler's suicide came from the Führer's bunker.

Back to the two lethal books. One of them is the Devil’s Bible now laying, also in Vatican, the other one, as mentioned, is the magic diary of the Egyptian Vizier, Ptahhotep. Unlike the other artifact, this book is lost.

It is said that what makes this book crucial is its accounts on how the first female devil and black magician were born, and how the last pure white magician died. Whoever reads it will be able to see the magician family lineages that in modern day have gone without a trace. It is similar to mastering the geno-sequencing that contains superpowers, and seeing clearly the past, present, and future of each magician's bloodline evolution. Did I mention the black and white magician families are fighting at the moment? Oh yeah, barely anyone knows where their special abilities come from, and what their specific potentials are in the future. So those who read this map is like bringing a 4D map and enemies’ profiles to the battlefield.

To put it into a bigger scope, this is like, Christianity has Bible, in hell they have "The Devil's Bible", and the magic world has the "Vizier’s Diary" -- it is the "Genesis" of the magic world. In Genesis, the creator is also the guardian of the secrete. He holds the key in his hand and only gives it to certain people. This creator of the occult appears in this book. I still suspect that if it were not for some kind of deal with him, the readers who saw him in the book would die.

Why do I suspect so? It does sound like a wild speculation. A few years ago, when Marlow Forbin was assembling the "Twin F" fund, he held a mobilization meeting in his "Tower" in Atlanta. He invited 12 people, several of whom were professionals -- famous Wall Street managers, acclaimed network engineers who then engaged in Bitcoin and Ethereum mining, and Alaskan tribal elders. There are abundant thermal energy under the vast land in Alaska. The elders are the only people who can decide how to use them; the other half of the entourage belongs to the magic church, and they are also in the crypto circle. Our friend Rachel Lee was in there.

She came back and told us, "Marlow had seen "The Vizier’s Diary", and some magicians around him died one after another. I couldn’t ask the cause of deaths." She paused, and said, "The magician’s accidents, you know, are all quite unnatural." She was pale, her two eye sockets sank into two black holes, her voice faint and trembling, and she quickly and excitedly said all her speculations, sometimes giving out neurotic laughter caused by horror. A beautiful face that was originally classic and elfin has now become a little ghostly.

We are all small folk wizards with some tricks, and at the same time we all know that she is not being herself, for short, she is under spiritual attack, the next stage would be spirit hostage. Oh, we are distributed all over the world, and our club is called "Otherworldly Castle". Before the pandemic, we would gather at Mutiny Cafe in Denver every year. Now we see each other in videos, but we can perceive it clearly even without turning on the video.

The lord of our castle, Adrian, is a delicate and detached person. People often come to us for a reading. He only give vague instructions, and never had he initiated to advise others, but Adrian suddenly couldn't help but interrupted her and said anxiously, "Wait. Now, Rachel, wait a minute. Calm down. I can see two tornado-like beings on each side of your head."

She stared at a corner, shivering. After a long pause, her voice changed again. She said in a low voice:

"They've all read the book, only Marlowe is still alive."

Everyone was in an uproar.

To assess Marlow’s composition as a man, his life force is quite tough. Marlow’s talent is indeed unusual and his earthly achievements extraordinary. It is said that he believes he came to life with a mission, and it may be different from us magicians in the making, who play divination and psychics for a living. But Hitler didn't escape this kind of thing? This kind of spell is not cast by human magicians, but by those famous high-powered spirits. It is equivalent to, when an ordinary wizard being charged by a leaky mobile phone; It's nothing. But Marlow survived a ball lightning. How did he do it?

"The Non-Existing Real Magicians' Gazette" restored and serialized the story of "The Vizier’s Diary" in 1997. The authenticity is unknowable, after all, who can combat with one hundred thousand volts? But since we heard this story from Rachel, the heart of us knights of the castle is like the spotlight on the bow of a sailor. We risked our lives to turn over the 1997 web page to find out.

It started by saying:

"When the Sumerian Empire’s Akkadian king Naran-sin died, his son, Izduba came to the throne. Izduba was the great founder of the "Akkad Empire", the great Sargon’s Great-grandson. This great-grandson inherited the courage of his great-grandfather and was also brave enough to conquer the plain between the two seas again, however, in the fourth year of his reign, a world-renowned celestial phenomenon appeared above the dynasty. Izduba didn’t even have time to record it. , He became the last emperor of Sumer. It was the Egyptian Vizier and the high priest, Ptahhotep, who recorded this sign and called it the ‘Long Tail’.

In 2213 BC, a huge sphere of ice and dust passed over the earth at a distance of 40 kilometers. This is Comet Hale-Bopp. It flew through our solar system in a deep elliptical curve for the next four centuries, until 1997, once again volleyed the earth, illuminating the stars in the northern hemisphere.

They attached a picture.

The brightest comet ever, Hale-Bopp, took away the Sumerian dynasty when it passed the earth for the first time, and its second passing over the earth is in the year 1997. Its solar orbit spans 4000 years and made the most dazzling celestial phenomenon in the 20th century. When it was at its perihelion, in an exclusive mansion at the outskirts of Santa Clara, 39 witnesses wore the same black uniforms, gathered in a circle, drank a mixture of tranquilizer and vodka, and died neatly. "

The following is the newspaper's serialization of the replica of "The Vizier’s Magic Diary" in 1997. This is the first time it has left the magic circle, and get exposure outside. The copy may still contain ancient spells. Readers beware. If odd things start to occur around you, don’t take it easy, but also don’t look for me. We are also explorers. You could ask the newspaper for an antidote. Mark the subject of the email with "The Vizier’s Diary."

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