SOVI Liquidity Mining Referral Bonus

Solidarity is strength!

Referral Structure Establishment(HECO) Method 1: Referral Linked Claim of hSOV2 Method 2: Direct Transaction of hSOV2

Comment Once the referral connection is established, it cannot be replaced or removed, you may check your connection web by contract functions, also it will be shown within the liquidity mining page.

Referral Bonus Distribution Requirement for Inviters: In order to receive the referral bonus, the inviter himself need to put at least $1000 worth token into the liquidity pool.

Range: Inviter are able to collect extra production from 2 layers below him, with 50% from direct referral and 50% from indirect referral.

Referral Index levels: Stage 1: 6% Stage 2: 7% Stage 3: 8% Stage 4: 9% Stage 5: 10%

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