Introduction to SOVI Finance is a revolutionary platform that combines the empowering aspects of decentralized finance (DeFi) with the exhilarating features of a simulation strategy game. As a result, SOVI allows game players and crypto enthusiasts everywhere to join in the new financial revolution by earning digital assets, creating NFTs, and by simply taking part in a fun and fully interactive gaming world.

Why the world needs SOVI

Traditional financial markets have become the domain of legacy institutions such as investment banks, trading brokerages, hedge funds, and other gatekeepers. These entities are only concerned with protecting their positions and are in no way interested in opening up access to markets to the world’s youth. As a result, despite the ubiquitous nature of internet based technologies, finding financially viable and easy to understand ways of earning via the traditional markets is still extremely difficult for the majority of young people today.

However, gaming continues to grow exponentially in terms of global adoption, while the development of blockchain technology has made the creation and cultivation of decentralized communities and everyday reality. In addition, blockchain technology has given birth to a DeFi sector which allows people around the world to earn and manage digital assets regardless of their age, nationality, education, or financial background.

SOVI provides a fun, novel solution which allows people everywhere to earn digital assets and take part in popular DeFi activities such as staking, mining, and farming by simply playing an engaging strategy game. SOVI allows everyone to bypass the traditional gatekeepers, liberate themselves financially, and have fun at the same time while joining the DeFi revolution!

Blockchain gaming and cross chain DeFi

SOVI is a military strategy gaming world which incorporates a range of digital tokens. Additionally, game players can form armies and take part in battles in order to generate earnings with battles taking place across different locations. Players can upgrade their facilities and units to increase their chances of success and play one of three roles within

Bankers, conquerors, and leaders all have their own responsibilities and activities with each role also having its own way to earn the platform’s native SOVI token. In addition, the SOVI ecosystem incorporates NFTs (non fungible tokens) and the hSOV token which rewards gamers who create referral relationships.

As a result, players can form their own NFT army, while also being able to receive a reward of 100 hSOV for either inviting a new player or being an invitee who joins up via an invitation. The hSOV token allows gamers to establish valuable relationships between users which can actually be monetized in the form of a token and transferred between people. The hSOV token also allows its holders to take part in mining SOVI, and these features are in addition to having the ability to earn tokens via gameplay activities which allows players to take part in staking, liquidity mining, mobile mining, and yield farming. Players can also benefit from airdrops and a range of promotions and incentives and crucially, has cross chain functionality which greatly enhances the opportunities for all platform users.

SOVI has launched on both the Ethereum network and Huobi’s Heco Chain which enables a wider range of integrations and collaborations than single chain operations. Furthermore, operating on multiple chains provides gamers with more opportunities to engage in activities such as mining and staking. Also, Ethereum and Heco Chain are just the first two supported chains with additional chains to be integrated soon!

What this means for gamers and crypto enthusiasts

The development of represents a new dawn for both gamers and crypto enthusiasts as the platform merges the best of both worlds.Gamers can now do what they love for hours on end, safe in the knowledge that their gaming earns valuable assets. Conversely crypto enthusiasts now have a fun way to earn tokens and take part in popular activities such as mining and yield farming. In addition, SOVI is an open platform with no restrictions and no gatekeepers with activities supported by smart contracts.

As a result, anyone can join in the SOVI ecosystem, earn SOVI tokens and actively increase their earnings while having fun! Players are free to choose how they participate and play the game, and formulate their own strategies. SOVI also allows players to play with other gamers all over the world, and whether they fight against each other, or build alliances, everyone can learn from each other, face the world, and become part of the new revolution!

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